Welcome to African Trade Beads Jewellery Collection

Inspired by the history of hundreds of years of bead trading in Africa, our collection of jewellery began in 2009 based in our premises in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Designed for today’s discerning woman seeking something unique, significant and beautiful, our beads come from throughout Africa and are all hand-made. We combine Burkina Faso bronze with Kenyan bone, Moroccan amber, Nigerian brass, Ethiopian silver and beads and objects from many more African countries that make each jewellery item special. Our love of hand-made objects d’art and attention to detail can be seen in each item our artisans make up in South Africa.

We invite you to our world of African trade beads Jewellery collection, and hope you will enjoy our jewellery as much as we enjoy sourcing unusual beads and developing modern creations.

Unique hand-made pieces that speak to your individuality...

Every bead tells a story. Following ancient trade routes across Africa, collecting, buying and seeking out unique items makes this a fascinating journey. As a pilot for nearly twenty years, I have flown near the border of Angola to buy Ekipas from Himba women, to the shores of Lake Turkana to buy pieces from the El Molo, strolled the markets of Istanbul, bought silver on the island of Djerba in Tunisia.

Negotiating with African traders who spend their lives buying throughout the continent is a lesson in life itself. Finds can be tourmaline, driftwood or whale bone in Namibia, Omba shells from Angola, or rare, antique beads from throughout Africa that show up with someone on my doorstep in Johannesburg – it is part of creating a life of adventure and beautiful objects d’art.

California Marketplace 2017